Thursday, November 25, 2010

Braveheart’s Mare and Foal: Reunited

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

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The mare and young colt belonging to the valiant stallion Braveheart have been adopted, reunited, and are destined for Return to Freedom’s Wild Horse Preserve under creation at Soldier Meadows Ranch in northwestern Nevada.
AWHPC supporters will recall that this beautiful pair watched their steadfast protector die defending them during the Silver King roundup. You may recall our report on this tragedy, in which the mare, was loaded onto a trailer and forced to stand over the dead body of her stallion for at least 40 minutes, until the truck pulled away, leaving her young foal all alone at the trap site. The mother and young colt were never to see each other again until AWHPC arranged for their adoption.
We have named the mare Caliente, after the area in Nevada that was her home, and her foal is Hero. We are grateful to Return to Freedom for stepping up, not only to provide sanctuary for Cali and Hero, but also to rescue two other Silver King mustang families. Stay tuned for their amazing stories in the coming weeks.
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Braveheart and his mare, Caliente, gaze out at their homeland, their freedom lost forever.

Caliente, loaded onto the trailer and forced to stand over Braveheart’s dead body.

Braveheart’s foal, Hero, left all alone at the trap site.

Cali and Hero, Reunited.

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