Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dramatic Horse Rescue Captured on Video


 EZ Breeze struggles at the bottom of a 12-foot creek bed as rescuers prepare to save him.

CANTON, GA -- Dozens of rescuers gathered in Cherokee County to save a horse that has cheated death more times than Houdini.
"I witnessed a miracle," said Jody Hanna, who was there when the retired race horse was lifted from a 12-foot creek bed. "It was insane. It was horrific."
At a time when he's supposed to be enjoying the halcyon days of retirement, 20-year-old EZ Breeze has lived a life has been far from a breeze. Since leaving the competition of the racetrack to relax at the equine retirement home called Save the Horses in Cherokee County, his life of repose has been interrupted by medical issues like the operation to repair intestinal problems. EZ Breeze barely survived that one. SEE VIDEO HERE.

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