Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why We Live With Horses

Straight from the Horse's Heart

The Gift of Life Often Comes on Four Legs

There are many blessings that greet us when we first open our eyes at the beginning of a new day. One of the first positives, to consider, is the fact that our eyes have actually opened and that we have another period of wakening before us where we can make a difference and excel in any endeavor that we are either tasked or decide to accomplish. That is always an uplifting thought and I attempt to remember, every morning, to thank all that is good in the universe for allowing me another opportunity to improve myself and, hopefully, the world around me. Such feelings are particularly sweet when I am home from my travels and know that I will be spending the day with my wife, on our farm surrounded by the four legged creatures that we love and who love us in return. (Actually, that feeling of love and home is extended to our wild kids too; the deer, squirrels, birds, fish and even the coyotes but I have yet to become enamored with the wild hogs…that will take some doing.) And although everyday is special in its own right there are a few that just jump out there and shine brighter than others and I had the wonderful experience of enjoying just such a morning while I was last home. More...

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