Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nevada Cattle Ranchers Revert to “Idiot Mode” over Pickens Wild Horse Plans

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Prejudice, Fear and Factual Perversion Pervade Elko County Commission

Alleged Elko County Commissioners Demar Dahl and Warren Russell

Madeleine Pickens’, wife of Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens, spoke before the Elko County Commission, last Wednesday, in an effort to clarify her intentions to turn her recently purchased 14,000 acre ranch into a wild horse sanctuary only to be rebuffed by a heavily prejudicial “thumbs down”.

“Give me a chance to open a sanctuary here,” she exclaimed. ”Mustang Monument, I promise you, will make Elko County proud.”

Pickens spoke of turning the sanctuary into an ecotourism destination complete with wagon rides, campfires and ecological activities. She went on to say that the location of her newly acquired ranch is the perfect place amongst Nevada’s high desert rangeland and snowcapped mountains. More...

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