Monday, November 1, 2010

Freedom Fund Horses in New Home

Don't miss this! A must-see...beautiful pictures and you might even shed a tear or two....

The Cloud Foundation

A New Home for the Freedom Fund Bands - A letter from Ginger. Please help us to keep the Freedom Fund bands with their families in their beautiful new home...TCFphoto_3TCFphoto .
Evita and her son, Pistol (Chalupa and Diablo in the background).
Dear Friends of our Wild Horses;
A year ago in September the BLM removed the family bands that roamed the Commissary Ridge area in the Custer National Forest, saying they were illegally grazing in this Pryor Mountains area. Their decision to remove ALL the horses in the Forest Service came at the 11th hour when there was no time to mount a protest. Their actions resulted in the removal of four bands led by the stallions Conquistador, Trigger, Bo, and Shane. The bands contained animals like Grumpy Grulla who was 21 years old and Conquistador, the magnificent 19-year-old stallion you may remember from the first Cloud film.


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