Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marana horse rescue hopes to save wild horses in Rancho Sahuarita

KVOA News CH 4 Tucson

SAHUARITA, Ariz.- For the past couple of weeks News 4 Tucson has been following a story about wild horses roaming around Rancho Sahuarita.
The animals have caused quite a bit of controversy on whether or not they should be captured, or left free to wander.
Now News 4 Tucson has learned some equestrian lovers, anxious about the horses' safety, are amping up efforts to find them homes.
It has been about two weeks since the Arizona Department of Agriculture set up a corral to capture the five wild horses. Four of them are still on the loose. A DPS officer had to shoot down the fifth, after it was caught wandering in and out of traffic along I-19. "I was very concerned about what was happening with the horses," Rancho Sahuarita Resident Julie Wypych says.
Wypych contacted a Marana horse rescue called "Hoofprints of the Heart".
Together, they're now working to raise money to buy the horses, once they're caught and put up for auction. "They didn't ask to come into this neighborhood and we didn't ask for it either," Wypych says.
She's planning to go door to door to pass out fliers to get the word out about the fundraiser.
Hoofprints of the Heart has offered livestock assistance to help capture the horses. "Whether it be facilities, or panels, or catch pens," Founder James Boubribau says. "Whatever is needed."
The goal is to capture the horses and give them a safe home. "We want to orientate them to domestic life," Boubribau says.
If you'd like to help, you can contact Boubribau at (520) 780-6900 or email him at hoofprintsoftheheart@gmail.com

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