Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Animal Cruelty: Letters carved into horse's teeth


BANDERA, Texas - The Bandera County Sheriff's Office is investigating a case of animal cruelty against a horse. A veterinarian said someone purposely engraved letters onto the horses teeth, scraping away the enamel.

“I'm appalled, I’m horrified, and I’m deeply saddened,” said veterinarian Dr. Samantha Mixon, who is standing up for the horse named Cowboy.

“I was called in because a good samaritan along with the foreman at the Running R Ranch had discovered the engraving in the teeth and the reason they discovered was the horse was exhibiting dangerous behavior," explained Dr. Mixon.

According to Dr. Mixon, the engraving probably happened about a year ago, but she just found out about it recently and she felt she needed to alert the proper authorities.

In an off camera interview, the owner of the ranch said an animal dentist she hired to check on her horses did the damage. His name is not being revealed because he has not been charged with anything. That’s because once she was told Cowboy wasn't in any pain, she decided not to pursue action against the dentist.

Just recently Cowboy was traded to Lisa Sorrell.

Sorrell said, “I try to place these horses after they've worked and they're semi-retired from camps and dude ranches. I try to place these horses in loving homes of people that want a horse for the rest of their lives.”

Sorrell took Cowboy to two veterinarians. In an over the phone interview, both said Cowboy is not in any pain related to his teeth. But an investigation is underway now. And we're still trying to learn why anyone would have written on the horse's teeth.

Cowboy’s new owner says she would sell him for $1500, but only to a family she feels would take good care of him.

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