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Updates from the Arizona Coalition for Equines

Arizona Coalition for Equines

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Here are some highlights of  activities  going on with the  Arizona Coalition for Equines (ACE).  Please share with others interested in  equine issues! 
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It's Official!  ACE is a Registered 501(c)3!
ACE has been  granted nonprofit 501(c)3 status - that means all donations to ACE are now tax deductible!  This will open new pathways and resources to provide  assistance to Arizona's equine guardians  as we continue to build the foundation and programs outlined in the ACE  mission statement:  to enhance the lives of all equines in Arizona through education and assistance to the owners and, when necessary, to prosecute persons who commit illegal acts of  cruelty against equines.

Equines in Need:   Foster and Permanent Homes
As the economy  continues to challenge both  the nation and Arizona , many equine  caregivers  are forced to permanently  re-home or find temporary foster care for their animals.  While ACE is not equipped or intended to provide "rescue" services, efforts are being made to spread information about equines in need.  If you have room in your heart and home for "just one more", please let us know!      (ACE does not accept or process any requests or postings for brokering or sales of equines. )  

Visit the ACE web site for postings of horses in need under  PROGRAMS      REHOME REQUESTS

Equine Welfare Watch
ACE receives many inquiries from concerned citizens asking how to report suspected abuse or neglect of equines. If you have a concern about an equine, specific information about location and condition is vital for a rapid response from your local law enforcement agency. ACE has prepared a simple easy-to-use information report form through the  Equine Welfare Watch program.  Use it to provide clear and complete information on the situation.  Download the form via the ACE website under "Programs"  Equine Welfare Watch,  then print out a copy to keep and carry with you  in the event you see an equine in distress and wish to report it. This will save valuable time if the situation is life threatening.   If you report by phone, call the law enforcement agency in the area where the equine is located.

Some citizens are hesitant to report suspected abuse or neglect for  fear of retribution or a preference to remain anonymous.  In these circumstances ACE responders will assist you in reporting the information.  Call 520-749-4026 for assistance or more information.  You can help prevent and stop animal abuse and neglect!

ACE Brochure
Running an equine  rescue can be incredibly rewarding, but  it is also very hard work.  The ACE  brochure Before you start a horse rescue or retirement facility highlights  key elements of running a rescue that are necessary to create a reputable, professional and sustainable organization.  Please share this link with others and print it out to give to individuals or organizations looking to start their own rescue.  Positive, informed and planned preparation builds higher service standards in this challenging venture.  On the home page go to the   Education Title where you will find the brochure.    

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries Verification and Accreditation Status

The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS)  is the only globally recognized organization providing standards for identifying legitimate animal sanctuaries. The Equine Unit of GFAS has developed evaluation criteria  and mentor guidelines  to  assist rescues and sanctuaries in developing exemplary care and management of their organizations.   According to GFAS, " the primary purpose of all sanctuaries is to humanely and responsibly protect and care for each individual animal resident.  Therefore, each GFAS Verified or Accredited  Sanctuary must meet specific criteria."  

GFAS Verification:  Each GFAS Verified Sanctuary  must meet the following criteria:    
1.  Humane and Responsible Care of the Sanctuary animals, verified by a site visit every three years.
2.  Nonprofit Status
3.  Required Licenses and Permits
4.  Commercial  Trade Prohibition
5.  No or restricted Contact with Public
6.  Individual Welfare-Centric Research
7.  No Propagation  

GFAS Accreditation:   The criteria for a GFAS Accredited Sanctuary are based on the GFAS Standards of Excellence.  The GFAS Standards of Excellence cover areas 1-7 as above and include 8-17 below:   

8.   Governing Authority
9.   Finance
10.  Guidelines (regarding acquisiton, handling, commercial activities and more)
11.  Education and Outreach
12.  Staffing
13.  Physical Facilities
14.  Security/Safety
15.  Veterinary Medical Program
16.  General Animal Care
17.  Animal Care by specific Animal 

See the GFAS Accreditation Criteria  at
for a more detailed explanation of each area evaluated.  

Organizations granted  GFAS Verification  or Accreditation Status have the benefit of demonstrating to  donors/ potential donors and supporters that they have met the GFAS rigorous and peer-reviewed animal care standards  confirmed by a site visit , and that they also adhere to a demanding set of ethical and operational principles. To compete for donation dollars in a tough economic environment, it is important to achieve a  rescue status dedicated to achieving high standards of care and business management.  To request a GFAS evaluation or find out which rescues and sanctuaries have been through the evaluation process, visit  the GFAS website at  

GFAS Verification is provided free of charge to interested sanctuary/rescues.  

ACE Assistance Program

The premier goal of the Arizona Coalition for Equines (ACE) is to give equine owners the tools to help equines thrive in their care.  To accomplish this, ACE has implemented a statewide Assistance program to provide help on a temporary, short-term basis to eligible applicants, with supportive education. We work to help owners keep their horses in their homes until financial challenges can be reconciled. 

ACE  evaluates each request for assistance  on a case-by-case basis in order to remain flexible and responsive to critical  needs.
To date, ACE  has processed help requests for more than 143 horses and their caregivers.  Our services have included feed assistance, euthanasia and aftercare, minor veterinarian care, hoof care, emergency transport and foster care, law enforcement, prosecutorial and  judicial support and resource services,  welfare checks and site visits, and sharing information to find new homes for equines in need.  
Additional benefits include expanding partnerships between ACE, equine rescues and sanctuaries, and private individuals  throughout Arizona.  Special thanks to New Beginnings Paso Fino Rescue and Glenn Davis who helped a  fellow Viet Nam veteran transport his horse over the  Memorial Day Weekend when faced with re-locating and no way to accomplish it,  a true tribute from one vet  to another!  Many thanks to the equine rescues who have stepped forward to become a part of the statewide helping hands for horses and owners!
ACE is also working at the national level to develop partnerships with other agencies that provide assistance services.  Our newest venture  involves cooperative work with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.  

ACE is able to provide  financial assistance only if financial resources are available. If you can help, ACE now has  the option for donors to subscribe and donate  on a monthly basis, giving the amount of your choice by using the ACE website. This kind of sustainable income is vital - it assures ongoing services for the ACE assistance programs.  Whether  a one-time donation or a monthly subscription, every dollar goes directly to Arizona equines in need.  ( To donate to a specific individual or service, please note that in the "seller information" box .)  
Your donation will make a difference! Consider this: 

Just $20 feeds a horse for five days.
$45  provides hoof care.
And if enough people participate, a  simple $5 monthly donation subscription can sustain ACE's  vital services! (Remember, all donations are tax deductible.)

If you prefer, checks may be mailed to:
9121 E. Tanque Verde Road Suite 105-183
Tucson, AZ 85749

 Or visit the ACE website at:  and use the Donation buttons

Volunteer Opportunities
Even if you can't afford to donate, we can still use your help! Let us know if you are interested in volunteering with the gift of  your time and talent. We are currently looking for a volunteer to maintain our website and social media presence. For more volunteer ideas, visit  

Due to the high volume of assistance requests coming in to ACE, more  Field Responders  are needed.  After completing training, Field Responders are assigned to make site visits to applicants to determine eligibility,  conduct follow up visits and  document assistance progress. Field Responders may also be assigned under the Equine Welfare Watch program to help citizens report suspected abuse or neglect to law enforcement. 

 Course curriculum will cover:
  • All About ACE: 
  • Working as a Team for Arizona Equines
  • Arizona Agencies  charged with Equine Welfare
  • The ACE Assistance Program
  • The ACE  Equine Welfare Watch Program
  • Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2910 Animal Cruelty Laws and Equines
  • How to conduct a site visit
  • Eligibility Determination 
  • Required Documentation and follow up
  • Body Condition Scoring
and more!    

Requirements:  The ability to be objective and calm when viewing potentially disturbing equine welfare situations.  

The first training course will be held  in Tucson, date and location to be announced.  If you are  interested in attending this class, please contact Carol Grubb at 520-749-4026 or
  Coming Soon to an Arena Near You!  

Positive Partnering for Progress
 ACE is partnering with Pima Community College Non-Credit  Continuing Education Department  for   equine caregivers  and advocates.  ACE is providing assistance and educational  resources to the Horse Education and  Rider Development (H.E.R.D. ) Program .  Several courses have been  scheduled for  Spring 2013.  Check the Pima Spring 2013 Schedule to enroll in Horse Behavior 101 and 102,  and Spook  in Place Demonstration with Darcie Litwicki , The Science of Saddling with Carol Grubb, Horse Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning with Sherry Simon-Heldt.  More will be coming as they are developed!  
Contact Missy Blair at PCC for more information!

The goal of the Arizona Coalition for Equines (ACE) is to give equine owners the tools necessary to be successful in having all equines thrive in their care.  ACE was developed to bring together horse advocates throughout Arizona who share a common goal of enhancing the care and treatment of all equines, and to prevent abuse, neglect, and abandonment.  Equine ownership is a privilege that should not be taken lightly.  ACE is focused on positive ideas and solutions for equines and their owners.  
The ACE Board of Directors
Michael W. Duffey - Humane Society of Southern AZ & Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Southern AZ (ACE Chair)
Carol Grubb - Eclectic Equine (ACE Secretary)
Ruthanne Penn – Emergency Management, Coconino County (ACE Treasurer)
Michael Hutchison, DVM - Pegasus Equine Veterinary Service
Karen Pomroy - Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary
Betty Welton - Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge
Carla McClain-Journalist

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