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Congressman Moran's press release on passage of the anti-horse slaughter amendment to the Agriculture

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    For Immediate Release:
May 31, 2011        

Contact: Anne Hughes

Moran Amendment to Ban Horse Slaughter Attached to Agricultural Appropriations Bill
      Language to halt USDA inspections, certification of slaughter facilities


Washington, DC – Congressman Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat, successfully included an amendment to the Fiscal Year ’12 Agricultural Appropriations Act to eliminate funding for USDA inspection of horsemeat. By defunding federal inspections, the amendment will prevent the cruel practice of horse slaughter in the United States.

“Industrial slaughter of horses should not be condoned by the United States Government,” said Rep. Moran. “We have to put an end once and for all to this practice. These animals are a proud symbol of the American West, treasured by all for their beauty and majesty. They deserve to be cared for, not killed for foreign consumption.”

Identical language was overwhelmingly approved in 2006 and has been included in the Agricultural Appropriations bill every year when introduced in subcommittee. This year the language had been stripped out and the Moran amendment sought to reinstate it.

A ban on USDA inspections halts the issuance of certifications for horsemeat exports, which has stopped operations at horse slaughter facilities and prevented new facilities from opening. In addition to improving U.S. animal welfare, the Moran amendment will reduce federal spending by $5 million each year. The FY’12 Appropriations Act now heads to the floor for a full vote by the House of Representatives.

The amendment has received the support of the Animal Welfare Institute and the Humane Society of the United States.

“Adding millions of dollars to the federal budget to inspect foreign-owned horse slaughter plants would have been a step backwards for America’s iconic horses and a waste of tax dollars,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States. “We are grateful to Congressman Jim Moran for leading the charge to restore this critical horse protection provision, and to the House Appropriations Committee for reining in this multi-million-dollar subsidy that would paved the way for the needless killing of American horses for foreign gourmands.”

Moran has a long history of animal protection advocacy. He currently serves as the co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional Animal Protection Caucus. Moran received the Humane Society’s highest award in 2010 for championing the Truth in Fur Labeling Act, enacted in February 2011, which requires accurate labeling on all fur garments. During his time in Congress, Representative Moran has led the charge on a number of issues related to the protection of animals, including the successful passage of the Prevention of Interstate Commerce in Animal Crush Videos Act of 2010.

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