Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Mexico Feedlot Sends Hundreds of Horses across Boarder to Slaughter

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Story supplied by Animal’s Angels

Dennis Chavez Ships 400 Horses a Month to Slaughter

Upon arrival at the Southwest Livestock auction premises, investigators noted that there were approx. 500 horses in the pen area. Several trucks and empty single & double deck trailers were parked in front of the pen area. A sign next to the driveway advertised the auctions weekly cattle and horse sale, held every Saturday at noon. Several of the horses in the pen area had auction tags still attached to them. Some of the horses were thin. According to owner/shipper papers recently obtained via Freedom of Information Act Request, Chavez ships close to 400 horses every month to slaughter in Mexico. Records also indicate that many of the horses in his shipments end up at the municipal slaughter plant in Juarez, which is not approved by the European Union and still uses the Puntilla knife.
Dennis Chavez has lost his DOT certification due to numerous violations.  He has also had numerous violations with USDA/APHIS.

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