Thursday, June 16, 2011

Farmers Helping Farmers during Devastating Arizona Wildfires

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Farmers Helping Farmers during Devastating Arizona Wildfires
(ARIZONA) June 16, 2011 – Arizona Farm Bureau members (farmers and ranchersclip_image001) are responding to the immediate needs of livestockclip_image001[1] in the areas devastated by the Arizona fires.  Yuma-area farmers are coordinating a few truckloads for the Springerville, Greer and Eager displaced livestock. Buckeye farmers are sending hayclip_image001[2] to Blue, Arizona.
While these and other donationsclip_image001[3] will help with the immediate need for displaced livestock, there will also be longer-term needs brought on by the fires burning in Arizona.
Some ranchers in burn areas around the state have lost all of their pasturesclip_image001[4] to fire.  Livestock that would normally move to summer pastures in a burned area have nowhere to go.   They will need to be fed hay throughout the summer.  They may need to be kept on pastures that would normally be recovering for winter grazing – necessitating the feeding of hay during the winter.
If you would like to help, donations of money or pledges of future hay donations are being coordinated by the Arizona Farm Bureauclip_image001[5]. For more information, contact Carol Hilko at 480.635.3604. You can also send checks written out to Arizona Farm Bureau at 325 South Higley Road, Suite 210, Gilbert, Arizona 85296. In the memo identify as “Fire relief donation.” Donations are not tax deductable.
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