Saturday, June 11, 2011

Disgraced Wyoming Horse Eater Admits Illegal Collusion

Straight from the Horse's Heart

(In My Most Outraged Opinion) by R.T. Fitch
Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Admits Access to Leaked Federal Document
The Pride of Wyoming
It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the motives behind the defunct and degenerate Wyoming state Representative Sue Wallis’ motives to eat horses; it’s all about the money.  But we can live with that as she is not that much different than other politicians BUT this piece of vile and uneducated crap continually crosses not only the ethical boundary of an enlightened human being but the legal boundaries required of an elected public official. (Read Horseback Magazine Article on Leaked Federal document (HERE) and more, (HERE))
Plagued with official complaints and law suits alleging violence the rotund representative from a rural burg in Wyoming has now publicly confirmed that she has had access to the contents of a leaked federal document.  As if anyone with a moral compass would listen to the bloody queen of horse eating  she showed her ample backside by begging the Senate and Congress not to move forward with any legislation that would help to ensure the safety, welfare and well being of American horses, both wild and domestic.  Sue Wallis has centered her entire life on the singular and bloody business of attempting to bring banned horse slaughter back to the United States so that she and her family can add equines to their current menu of saleable range meat that they raise.  Again, it is all about using a public office to make personal gain…and this one has twisted the rules to such an extent that a federal investigation is in order.
Formal complaints have been filed alleging her mishandling of donated funds to support her bloody cause.  The woman sheds and dons dubious “non-profit” organizations as frequently as most Americans change their underwear.  She uses her elected office to disparage and condemn animal welfare advocates both living and dead.  “Slaughterhouse” needs to go to jail.
Her most recent and panicked tirade can be read by clicking, sigh, (HERE), but it takes a strong stomach to deal with phrases such as:
“The devastated horse industry continues to be attacked by corporate fundraising animal rights groups led by the Humane Society of the United States and their many minions.  They claim to care about horses…but truth be told, they care more about raising money.  Selling misinformation, peddling outright lies, and jerking the emotional chains of good-hearted caring Americans is their lucrative stock in trade.  When these so-called nonprofits spend less than ½ of 1% of their millions on helping a single dog or cat, let alone a horse, the motivation is pretty clear.  They offer no solution to the soaring increase in starving, abandoned, and neglected horses whose owners can’t keep them, can’t sell them, and can’t give them away, nor do they spend any of their dollars to ease the suffering of unwanted horses.”
This is, in my most outraged opinion, the discourse of a crazy person.  I beg to differ with this demon from hell; caring equine advocates DO offer suggestions and solutions by recommending that backyard breeders, such as Sue Wallis and her family, cease and desist.  AND these same people foster, adopt and tend to displaced horses with not only the caring of their own hearts but with their non-refunded pocket books wide open.  This sick and lying piece of excrement needs a swift kick in the ass and a one way ticket out of office.
There is so much more to share of the insane and inane ranting of a diseased politician gone bad but I will leave that for you to read with the above link.  But, one fact remains, she needs to be purged from the system and made to disappear and I pledge to you all that I will move forward with that goal…and I am counting on you to assist in making that happen.
I am tired of throwing only editorialized words at this illegal filth, it is time to take action so please stay tuned, stay engaged and we will move forward as a unified team to cleanse the waters of American politics and send the Queen of Horse Eaters back to the slimy pit that she crawled out of.
Her time is up.

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