Friday, June 10, 2011

Update Wallow Fire

 A few of the 200 horses

Horses with Fire in Background

Latest email:

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011 8:29 am
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    For more details about the animals that have been evacuated & donations needed, see message below from  Tedi Patterson.

    If anyone in the Prescott area would like to donate to the evacuated animals of the Wallow Fire, please drop off your donations at:
    Farmer's Market this Sat from 8:15-12 at the UAF adoption booth
    or Petco this Sun from 12-3.

    Transport is leaving Mon for St Johns

    There is a Walmart near the fire so Walmart gift cards are also a helpful donation
    Or you can send money donations via check by mail or PayPal.
    Make checks payable to United Animal Friends (UAF) & mark for "Wallow Fire Animal Evacuation Help"
    UAF donations are tax deductable as UAF is a 501 C3, non-profit organization.  UAF will make sure that the money goes directly to help evacuated animals of Wallow Fire in Arizona.UAF is a volunteer non-profit, 501C3 charitable organization.UAF is a volunteer non-profit, 501charitablorganization.
    P O Box 11133
    Prescott, AZ 86304
    928-778-2924 or
    You may also send donations via PayPal & mark for "Wallow Fire Animal Evacuation Help":
    From: Tedi Patterson
    Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 3:22 PM
    To: Tia Sylvis
    Subject: Items needed for Wallows fire evacuee animals
    Tia, here is the promised info. Photos coming shortly. Thank you, Tedi
    I’ve just come back from the temporary pet evacuation shelter for the Wallow Fire evacuees at the Apache County Fairgrounds in St. Johns, Arizona. Debbie Muir, president, of Round Valley Animal Rescue and her very small staff of volunteers is doing a great job of coordinating, but they need help and supplies.
    Currently at the shelter are approximately 200 horses, 70 dogs, 50 cats. There another 60 cats and dogs held at an offsite location. There are also goats, pigs, rabbits, emus, and other assorted animals. I am sending photos shortly in a separate email. There is one vet tech on the scene who came on her own time to help for up to a week. That is the only medical staff and they are almost out of vaccines. They have been trying to vaccinate incoming cats and dogs.
    PLEASE NOTE: about 8,000 people in Springerville and Eagar are being evacuated right now, so the temp. shelter’s population is going to get MUCH bigger immediately.
    This is Debbie’s wish list:
    - DHPP vaccines dogs
    - vaccines for cats
    - amoxicillin for cats if a vet is willing to donate or allow Debbie to charge on her charge card
    - amoxicillin for cats eyes – many have irritated eyes because of the smoke
    - Large hard shell crates to hold cats
    - Clorox bleach wipes
    - used newspaper
    - dog food (although currently okay on that)
    - cat food
    - cat litter
    - disposable litter boxes (cardboard)
    - small food dishes for cats
    - plastic trash bags
    - Box Fans or stand up floor fans (it is hot where the cats and dogs are, but there is electricity)
    - collars and leashes (some dogs are coming without any)
    - volunteers who can handle dogs and cats properly
    - NUMBER ONE REQUEST: a veterinarian, possibly 2 as an equine vet is also needed
    - I am told a donation of hay is on way from California, but with 200 horses, I think they would take more
    Collection centers are being set up in Phx; please keep an eye out for that information. We also have a group of women who are going to collect and transport the items this Saturday.
    Thank you all for any help you can give.
    Tedi Patterson, Pet Allies volunteer
    Other Donation Collection Centers:
    First, Arizona Humane Society is on the scene and coordinating rescue efforts with Debbie Muir, Round Valley Animal Rescue, and her volunteers at the emergency shelter in St. Johns. Arizona Humane Society has set up a second shelter at Show Low Animal Control. Any of the sick animals from the St. Johns shelter are being taken out today to go to Show Low or down to Phoenix if more urgent care is needed. I understand that United Animal Nation out of California is also coming today to assist with sheltering evacuated pets, brining more medical help and supplies. Additionally, Pet Allies in Show Low has taken several evacuated dogs and cats into shelter and provided them with needed medical care.
    DONATIONS: The same items are needed as were on the donation list from yesterday (see list again below), and Arizona Humane and Round Valley Animal Rescue will “divvy up” donations as needed for the animals and transport donations between the two shelters as needed.
    FOOD DONATIONS: Please keep donating cat and dog food and cat litter because Round Valley Animal Rescue is going to set up a food bank to help the people of Springerville, Eagar, Greer, Alpine and other evacuated areas when they return. People will be out of jobs, lost their homes, have had unexpected evacuation expenses, and food for pets will be needed!
    PRESCOTT: United Animal Friends is collecting in the Prescott area, so please look for their information in the media and via Outreach emails.
    SHOW LOW: If anyone has items to donate, they can be taken to Show Low Animal Control, 1181 E Thornton, Show Low, and given to the Arizona Humane Society people on site, or they may be taken to Barkin’ Basement/Pet Allies, and I will pick up the items and get them to the Show Low Shelter or the St. Johns Shelter.
    PHOENIX AREA: The central donation drop-off location for Phoenix, which was set up by PACC, is as follows:
    Villa La Paws
    10630 N. 32nd Street
    Phoenix AZ
    Northwest corner of 32st Street and Shea in the shopping center.
    Drop off can be from Thursday thru Saturday. Transport will be on Sunday via Laura Petersen. Other supplies are arriving on Saturday via Jill Lenz.
    FINANCIAL DONATIONS: The Arizona Humane Society, Pet Allies, Round Valley Animal Rescue, and United Animal Nation all have websites where donations can be made. Mark your donations “Wallow Fire Animal Evacuation Help”
    VOLUNTEERING ON SITE: Debbie Muir at the St. Johns shelter requests people call her about volunteering before they just show up to volunteer. Someone is now answering Debbie’s phone: Debbie Muir, president, Round Valley Animal Rescue, 928-551-0803 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            928-551-0803      

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