Thursday, June 2, 2011

Horse Eating Wyoming Politician Spews More Hatred

Straight from the Horse's Heart

(In My Most Outraged Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Proudly Shows Her Ass

The Bloody Vision of Wyoming's Sue Wallis ~ photo courtesy of Canadian Horse Defense Coalition
A great victory for the American horse occurred this week when the House Appropriations Committee voted on an amendment to reinstate formerly existing language in a bill that prohibited wasting tax payer’s hard earned dollars on funding inspections of horse slaughter plants (5 million dollars worth).  That language was voted on and inserted in 2006 representing the opinion of over two thirds of the American public who stand firmly against the inhumane practice of horse slaughter in this country.  The only reason that Rep. Moran of Virginia, an enlightened horse supporting state that makes money off from equine development, was forced to add the amendment was due to the back room, special interest finagling of Rep. Lummis and her off the wall cohort “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis a lowly and third rate state representative from Wyoming. (IMHO)
On Tuesday, the day of the vote, sane and intelligent Americans phoned and faxed Washington to insist that the language be returned to the bill and the amendment passed by a vote of 24-21.  These Americans were not activists, radicals or urban, tree hugging vegans (to use the oppositions’ words) but mothers, aunts, grand fathers and the little girl next door; NORMAL people who see the horse as an elegant creature that deserves not only to be treated humanely during its life but even more so upon its death.  Respect, dignity and a strong sense of morality drove these fine people to make a difference and prove to, not only themselves, but to their elected officials that the American public still has a heart and cares deeply about doing the “right thing”.
But that goodness and honesty rankles the greed of the soulless and unclean as they are now pummeling the internet with more lies, unsubstantiated facts and outright temper tantrums.  (Sue Wallis was so very much looking forward to her rare and bloody “Filly Fillet.)
On Wednesday the lost and pathetic politician, Wallis of course, posted on her failed FaceBook page, from a long forgotten horse eater convention, a link to her latest tirade against the evil HSUS and we highly paid and uninformed followers.  With each post she slips further and further from the grasp of reality and sinks ever deeper in her swirling cesspool of equine entrails.
Maybe it is her lack of followers, support, failed newspaper, investigations, law suits, dubious financial dealings, switching and manipulating “non-profit” organizations and the lack of interest, overall, of eating a non-food animal and friend to mankind.  Who knows as her demons are many.
This is the latest tourist attraction that Sue Wallis wants for Wyoming, a horse organ dump ~ photo of dump outside of Canadian Horse Slaughter Plant courtesy of John Hlland
You can read her latest meltdown by clicking (HERE) but the evil queen of deception rants in such a way that it is obvious the padded room is long overdue.  We have taken the liberty to highlight her most outlandish and undocumented lies but I neither have the time nor the patience to address each and every one; this blog is full of the facts, links and the documentation which proves that she is just pissing in the wind and grasping at straws.
But for the sake of the horses, here are a few highlights that bear addressing:
captive bolts provide instantaneous insensibility… Lethal drugs can cause many long minutes of suffering before the animal finally succumbs, a horse in a processing plant dies instantaneously with a minimum of pain or stress and their meat is welcomed by a thriving worldwide market”…WRONG
Dr. Lester Friedlander, DVM & former Chief USDA Inspector, told Congress in 2008, “The captive bolt is not a proper instrument for the slaughter of equids, these animals regain consciousness 30 seconds after being struck, they are fully aware they are being vivisected.” (In normal people language that means that they are alive as they are skinned and their insides are ripped out.)
being abandoned to fend for themselves where they inevitably die an agonizing death of starvation where they all too often become the victim of predators and have their guts and their butts eaten by wolves or coyotes while they are still alive”   WRONG
The twisted politician has a way with words, doesn’t she?  Now if she were to donate her ample, ugh, backside to the wolves it would keep them in high cotton until the beginning of 2012 and this case would be closed but come on…how do you then explain, in another one of her lies, the “exploding” wild horse population.  If predators were such a threat then she would not be climbing into a very large bed with the BLM in an effort to sell our wild national icons off into slaughter now would she?  This is pure political double talk at its most despicable finest.
a 30% to 80% drop in value of horses nationwide with the commensurate loss of income and assets to our U.S. horse owners.“  WRONG
If this lard ass of a failed politician would have been doing her job, over the past several years, she would at least be mildly aware of the fact that the economy is in the toilet.  Sales of homes, cars, manufactured products, goods and commodities have tanked as the jobs have disappeared and any change, not 30%-80% you lying wench, to the horse market would equally be affected.  The Eastern states are doing well with the equine market with the exception of breeders and being that most of them have at least completed high school they don’t blame the down turn on the demise of 3 little, foreign owned slaughter plants but on an increased interest and market for European horses.  They actually have business plans and THINK you dumbass.
To say that all horses are full of toxic drugs is an exaggeration so outrageous as to be beyond belief–number one, the vast majority of horses who are not performance or sport horses ever receive any kind of veterinary medicine in their entire lives    WRONG
That one must have all of you horse people rolling on the floor laughing.  I, for one, do not own performance or sport horses but the ones that do grace our pastures certainly ensure that we spend a lot of money with the vet.  As our pampered ponies age the cabinet in the tack room looks more like a pharmacy than a hardware store and Bute for the off the track TBs is often a must.  So blow it out your backside you perpetrator of lies and deceit we all know that you are full it.
It strikes us as a bit ingenuous that people so opposed to eating horse meat are raising food safety issues as their argument against it.”  WRONG
Oh gawd, I am out of breath, I can’t go on as we have gone from being just plain stupid to totally maniacal; my fun meter is pegged at zero and the tolerance factor has long since left the house.
I am sorry, this is as far as I can go; I leave the end of this story to you fine people.  Spread the word, support the horses and continue to make those calls as the equines are going to need all of the support that they can get in light of this foul sickness.
So God Speed my friends; let’s kick Sue Wallis and all three of her followers in the ass and save some horses.  Our efforts will not only help the equines but, perhaps, save the lives of acres of cotton plants that are required to sacrifice themselves just to make one pair of jeans for the bloated likes of “Slaughterhouse” Sue.
Let’s dance, Sue baby…you ready?

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