Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Union protection for police horses and dogs?

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June 22, 2011

A group of West Australian police personnel want union protection for police horses and dogs following the death in April of Hercules.
Hercules, 16, was electrocuted when he passed a lighting pole at an agricultural show in Perth in mid-April. Hercules, a Clydesdale, had feet too big for the standard-issue rubber shoes worn by other mounts.
Members of the prosecuting branch of the West Australia Police Union have put forward a motion to be considered at the union's annual conference on June 27.
They want horses and dogs used by the West Australian police to be treated as honorary members of the union.
The members also expressed disappointment over the reported disposal of Hercules' body, which it was reported went to landfill, instead of his remains being cremated.
A union spokesman told Horsetalk the resolution would likely be subject to amendments, as the union constitution provided only for sworn police officers to be members of the union.
"The motion in its current form would require an extensive constitutional change that would more than likely be rejected at the Industrial Relations Commission," he said.
Hercules was a police horse for six years.

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