Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update: Wallow Fire 6 PM

This week has been a busy one as PACC911 took a lead role in collecting supplies and items for the animal Victims of the Wallow Fire.
Teaming up with Villa La Paws with two drop off locations for goods, Tia Sylvis manned the station at 32nd St just North of Shea to collect food, supplies, medications, and any other donations that people had to donate!
We got great press thanks to Sherry Butler and her PR skills and appeared on all local news stations... asking for the public to help the animals... The response has been incredible! People are so concerned for the animals, and want to help! They did!!! the donations were great.
Cheri Moreno added to the great PR with her contacts and we continued to be in the news all week asking for donations and receiving them!
...It was an amazing community effort and one that I am so proud of!!!
The calls came in all weekend.. people offered their huge  18 wheeler trucks, their time, hay for horses and tons of supplies! St MArys food bank donated 3000 pounds of food for  the animals.. People were great and so generous.
Tia is in touch with the ground operations up north and is now told for the moment they are well stocked.. We know this will change again so we are keeping our drop off points open for donations ,  but will not be trucking up until we are told more supplies are needed.
Thank you to the incredible rescue community who all rallied to help! Caravans with supplies were also brought up by others who were there to help! Laura Petersen was there!  Jil Lenz was there! Carrie Singer was there!  Kim Cole was there, and so many more... We truly have the most amazing and caring people in our rescue world!
Thank you all, and....
......Thank you to the incredible public who called and came to donate! Thank you to Villa La Paws for the great drop off stations!
10540 N. 32nd St ( just North of Shea) Phoenix 85028
2734 W. Bell road Phoenix, 85053
I only hope this monster fire is contained soon so that animals can be returned to their homes. We know many of these animals may now be orphaned and we hope that homes will then be available for them.
Bari Mears

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