Sunday, January 17, 2010

Escaped Wild Horse "Freedom" Spotted Lame

Horseback Magazine

Photos by Craig Downer and Laura Leigh

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The Calico Mountains band stallion Freedom who escaped his holding pen last week was spotted today by Horseback Magazine's Laura Leigh and the German television crew that accompanied her. They were observing a controversial “gather” by the federal Bureau of Land Management which aims to remove thousands of wild horses from the American West.
The horse was lame.
Freedom jumped a fence last week, and then injured himself breaking through another perimeter fence of barbed wire before making a daring escape back into the wild after being stampeded into captivity with his herd by a roaring helicopter.
Horseback will feature a full report and photos of the encounter with Freedom on Sunday afternoon.

Update on Freedom Calling

We learned later this afternoon that the stallion was not Freedom. None-the-less, the lone limping stallion calling to the captured herd and the herd calling back was poignant and that is the message we take away with us. That is the story. And that is what we must remember as we continue our efforts to save our wild ones.


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