Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pro-horse coalition supports BLM efforts to control wild horses

January 8, 6:10 PMLA Equine Policy ExaminerCarrol Abel

United Organizations of the Horse (UOH), Executive Director, Sue Wallis issued a press release earlier this week in support of Bureau Of Land Management efforts "to control the overpopulation of wild horses on public lands..."  The continuing battle over what to do with America's wild horses brings varying opinions from all sides and from many sectors of the government. As executive director of UOH, State Representative,  Sue Wallis (R Wyo) leads the organization in their quest to support the BLM mission.  Wallis, a rancher and a poet, also carries a third title.  In animal welfare circles, she wears the moniker "Slaughterhouse Sue".  Though Wallis says she loves horses, the tiniest bit of investigation makes a body wonder about her definition of love.
At a November meeting of The Society for Range Management - Wild Horse and Burro Conference, Wallace said of wild horses, "They are no more, and no less, than a feral invasive species...we ought to be looking at them in the same way we do feral hogs..."


vicious wild horses
photo by Carrol Abel
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