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BLM Vet Releases Death Report Confirming Stampede Caused Foal to Loose Hooves

Horseback Magazine

BLM Vet Releases Death Report Confirming Stampede Caused Foal to Loose Hooves
HOUSTON, (Horseback) - The federal Bureau of Land Management confirmed that a foal lost its hooves after a grueling stampede chased by a roaring helicopter.

“The colt's hind feet abscessed and the outer hoof wall did separate,” said Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman JoLynn Worley.

However,   Worley challenged details of the Cloud Foundation report of the foal’s death

“The scenario provided by the Cloud Foundation is full of inaccuracies.” she told Horseback Magazine.

Worley said the horse was taken in an early gather in Nevada’s Calico Mountains.
“The colt is from the Black Rock East HMA, which was the first HMA gathered in the Complex, and was brought in to the Fallon facility more than two weeks ago”

BLM Vet Report
January 22, 2010
Black Rock East

History and Report on Sloughed Hoof Foal

This foal was received at the Indian Lakes contract holding facility from the Calico complex gather around 1/6/2010. He was fed and watered for a day and when noticed to be lame was removed from the general population and placed in a hospital pen. On 1/8/2010 this horse was treated with phenylbutazone (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and penicillin (an antibiotic) for presumptive sole bruising and abscesses. No abscesses were noted at this time but there was some foot swelling suggesting hoof trauma. During the next 5 days the colt which was nine months old was fed and watered in the hospital pen and observed for body condition and lameness. He was retreated on 1/13/2010 with phenylbutazoneand penicillin. Sole abscesses and potential hoof sloughs were noted. Both hind feet were flushed with betadine (an antiseptic) and bandaged with gauze, antibiotic ointment and tape. The colt was slightly improved after treatment but over the next couple of days spent more and more time lying down. On 1/18/2010 the 2 hind feet were examined again. Multiple hoof sloughs were noted and the foal was euthanized for humane reasons. The cause of these hoof abscesses/sloughs was most likely hoof trauma from the gather operations.

Richard Sanford DVM
NV #565

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