Saturday, January 23, 2010

Opinion: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

Straight from the Horse's Heart

January 23, 2010
a commentary by R.T. Fitch, author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart


Tighten up your Cinch as our Ride is not over, yet!

The frustration mounts and the tension increases as each day the news is worse than the day before.  Almost on a daily basis we hear of damaged wild horses dying during and/or after being chased through the Calico mountains by the BLM chartered Cattoor choppers.
As advocates we attempt to stay the course as our cries, pleas, emails and calls appear to go unanswered or unheeded.  Terry and I are in there with you folks; she almost hates to walk into my office in the morning and hear the latest bad news, but we plod forward.
You have read the recent news about the dead colt, the shot mare and the past others that have succumbed during the Calico roundup while the BLM insists it is doing the humane thing by putting these “suffering” animals down.
What pops to mind?
“If you weren’t conducting this roundup they wouldn’t be suffering!” 
Sorry for the outburst, I just don’t do stupid well.
So what do we do and where do we go from here?  Publicly, I do have a few recommendations:
1.)     Work well amongst ourselves.  We all come from very diversified backgrounds and callings hence our collective power is fueled through this great intellectual dexterity.  But don’t allow our individual differences to become lightning rods for internal discontent, the dark side feeds on any weakness that we may portray.  For them it’s easy as they do stupid very well.  It’s just a matter of reciting misinformation mixed with junk science over and over again.  Non human life forms can do that.  But for us, we are constantly seeking the truth with our eyes wide open.  Stick together, bond like glue and learn from your neighboring advocate.  We are a team and we are in this for the long haul so I, for one, celebrate your uniqueness while appreciating our collective perspective.
2.)    Keep the calls and emails coming into the President, I firmly believe that sooner or later one of his aides or confidants is going to say, “Hey, Mr. President, these people are not going away, we have to do something.”  And it is that office that is going to have to call for the moratorium and Congressional hearing into the BLM and their blatant misconduct and twisting of the Federal law.  Keep up the calls, don’t relent.  Be polite, show respect for the office and keep calling.  Remember, we are the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves.
3.)    Pray.  Not trying to be religious, here, but pray to whatever deities or spirit that moves your heart and empowers your spirit.  Pray to all that is good, all that cares and all that loves for a stop to this senseless slaughter and abuse of our gentlest neighbors upon this planet.  Pray to our collective power to make a positive difference and ask that we center ourselves so that we may have the strength to continue, just pray your personal and unique prayer and it will make a difference if not to the whole, it will speak to you.
When I was younger, what seems like many centuries ago, I wondered about what it would be like if and/or when we made contact with intelligent life from an interstellar lifeform.  What would it be like to commune with a sentient race of beings with a different take on life, love and the spiritual well being of the universe as a whole.
But as I have aged and become a tad more jaded I have looked around and realized that we do have the opportunity to commune with alien and different sentient beings.  That we have not only allowed the opportunity to learn from them  slip through our fingers we have bastardized and reduced their significance to nothing but garbage by hunting them down and even slaughtering them for food.
The list of these thinking, alien beings is a long one starting with the Cetaceans, the whales and the dolphins and for the sake of what we are speaking of, today, Equus the Horse.
Why would an advanced society of any life form, circling our little planet want to make an effort to contact us as they are fully aware that we cannot communicate nor live in peace with other life forms on earth let alone ourselves.  It’s bad enough that we hunt down and eat all that is beautiful, here, but we cannot even keep ourselves from hunting down, killing and destroying the souls of our brother man.  Why would any “intelligent” life form think that we would treat them any differently?  To think differently would make them less than intelligent.
It’s a lonely place we have built for ourselves, here, on planet earth.  It’s time to do some cleaning up and rearranging and it is the horse that is leading us in that very direction.
Keep the faith, make the calls and stay the course.  Our future depends on you, all that you are and everything  that you have the potential to be.
May the Force of the Horse© be with you.

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