Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tucson Protest in Tucson Citizen!

Tucson Citizen

by Rynski on Jan.21, 2010
Tucson protests wild horse and burro treatment, roundup Friday, Jan. 22

Many say wild mustangs are meant to run free – but the federal government says otherwise.

Despite plenty of protests, a major federal roundup of wild mustangs started late last month.
Tucson is joining the national stampede of protests objecting to the treatment of wild mustangs and burros and calling for a moratorium on their roundups.
Tucson’s protest will be held from 10 a.m. to noon on Friday, Jan. 22, in front of the local office of Sen. John McCain, 407 West Congress Street, suite 103.
More than 900 wild horses have already been caught and crammed into holding areas in the Calico Hills Roundup, taking place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.
The roundup is predicted to last two months and cost some $1 million. The aim is to haul away more than 2,500 mustangs from the 500,000-plus acres of land.
If you can’t make the Tucson protest, another in Phoenix is scheduled for Jan. 30, and a number of other cities have already participated. The growing list of protests:

27-Dec-2009 Las Vegas, NV
30-Dec-2009 Chicago, IL
30-Dec-2009 Longmont, CO
30-Dec-2009 San Francisco, CA
31-Dec-2009 Ketchum, Idaho
6-Jan-2010 Lexington, KY
6-Jan-2010 Los Angeles, CA
7-Jan-2010 Albany, NY
7-Jan-2010 Denver, CO
7-Jan-2010 Las Vegas, NV
8-Jan-2010 Boston, MA
10-Jan-2010 Red Rock, NY
17-Jan-2010 New York City, NY
18-Jan-2010 Reno, NV
21-Jan-2010 Sacramento, CA
22-Jan-2010 Tucson, AZ
30-Jan-2010 Phoenix, AZ

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