Friday, January 22, 2010

BLM ran feet off foal and mare dies

Two more horses were killed at the Fallon Facility in conjunction with the Calico roundup today. Based on the posted BLM report: The Cattoors/BLM ran the feet off a colt on Tuesday, let him stand for a day, then made him ride four hours in a trailer to Fallon where he was unloaded and then shot. At least two of his hooves had fallen off. This colt and his family may have been run by helicopter up to 14 miles on Tuesday. We don’t know how fast over rough volcanic rock and terrain this foal was run.  Another mare was down in the trailer, arrived at Fallon alive and then died subsequently.
No members of the public were allowed to observe today and no one will be allowed to go to Fallon Facility until Tuesday, Jan. 26th. Calls were placed to both Assistant Director of Renewable Resources & Planning Ed Roberson and BLM Director Abbey by the Cloud Foundation in regards to the situation at the new Fallon facility. Calls were not returned.
The death toll is now up to six at the Fallon Facility. This absolutely unnecessary cruel winter roundup at taxpayer expense must stop.  Please call on whatever connections you may have to help these wild horses
-       Transported 118 horses to the Fallon facility on Wednesday.  Plan to ship the horses remaining at the gather corrals to Fallon today.  Continuing to dissemble the gather corrals and move to new location in the Calico HMA.
      Mares coming into the Fallon facility are in poorer condition than stallions and weanlings/foals. About 30 mares from the Warm Springs HMA range in body condition from a 2.5 to 3.0.  One mare that was down on the transport truck arrived at the facility alive, but subsequently died.  One colt with multiple hoof sloughs from the capture was euthanized at the facility.
-       About 20 to 25 horses at the facility have received treatment for various injuries or lameness and are recovering.  There are no indications of infectious respiratory disease.
-       The BLM has asked that wind breaks be installed at the Fallon facility, similar to ones that are at the Palomino Valley Center.  The contractor will begin constructing wind breaks in 12 of the smaller holding/sorting pens which are used for sick or lame animals.
-       Totals: 1,195 gathered, 1,074 moved to Fallon, 30 at gather corrals, 2 euthanized at gather site, 1 death pre-existing condition, 1 back to HMA.
-       Fallon facility: 6 deaths

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