Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Urgent! Action Alert: Horse Slaughter Canada


Purchase and Re-Opening of Natural Valley
Community members at Carry the Kettle First Nations near Neudorf, Saskatchewan are being pressured by their Chief to vote in favour of purchasing the now-defunct Natural Valley Farms/Natural Meat Company horse slaughterhouse!
NVF/NMI was closed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in February, 2009 citing food safety concerns.
A report by CBC National also showed severe environmental and welfare violations:-  Link to CBC report.
Up to 30% of the horses were being butchered while still conscious:- CHDC Investigation Report.
  • The vote is to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, January 12th at 10 AM in the community, and Wednesday, January 13th at 5 PM in Regina.
  • We must ensure that residents of Carry the Kettle First Nations get out and vote "No".
  • If only 10 people show up to vote and 6 of them vote "yes", the plant will be reopened and begin slaughtering horses.
For specific information on why Carry the Kettle First Nations SHOULD NOT buy NVF, please see the report written to address this potential purchase.

 Facebook Members
The following link is a site created by the band members but the Chief and his sisters have taken it over and are urging members to vote "yes".
  • Please post your comments and concerns and tell them about the nightmare they will be buying:-
  • We have  been finding that the Chief's sister has been removing our comments as we post them but if enough of us do so, perhaps they won't be able to keep up with them (we can hope and that's all the horses have at this point).
  • Make sure you send your comments here as well. We believe all residents of the community can see these comments.  Faxing comments may not be seen.
Here is the band's site:-
Talking Points
  • Statements by NVF investor and director Henry Skjerven who said the plant was a money-losing venture the day they decided to kill horses;
  • That 16 million gallons of raw horse blood has been left in a retaining pond above the Qu'Appelle River threatening drinking water for 2 cities in MB;
  • That new EU regulations will cripple them financially;
The slaughter of horses is inherently cruel creating an environment of brutality and depression that would negatively impact their culture.

Thank you,
Twyla Francois
Central Region Director
Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

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