Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calico Roundup Continues

The Cloud Foundation

Dear Supporters, to date at least 22 horses (mares, foals and stallions) have died in this massive wintertime roundup. The public has only been allowed to observe 3 days per week at most during this controversial and unnecessary roundup that leaves what was once a wild horse stronghold with only a small population of mustangs. Only a few of the over 1300 captured Calico Mustangs at the Fallon holding facility have windbreaks after repeated requests. BLM's daily roundup reports online here.

Last week a Calico colt was euthanized after his hooves were separating from the bone after being rounded up with his family, by helicopter and potentially traveling over 14 miles of volcanic rock, rough ground, ice and snow. Ginger has written an essay in honor of this Calico colt and the countless others who have died painful deaths due to these ongoing roundups. The essay is online here and may be reprinted in magazines and newsletters, simply contact us for permission. (photo above, Living Images: Carol Walker)
Calico Roundup PhotosElyse Gardner and TCF Board member/wildlife ecologist Craig Downer have been documenting this roundup and the captured horses at the Fallon, NV holding facility. More photos, videos & reports posted on Elyse's Humane Observer Blog. Thank you to all who are observing and reporting back to the public on this roundup of America's wild horses.



 below: Calico wild horses in October 2009 - Craig Downer, Photo


& hearings on the BLM

Protests on Saturday, Jan 30th!

plus please vote to stop the roundups, just click here
Phoenix, Arizona:

Where: BLM Office, One N. Central, Suite 800 
When: 11:00-1:00 pm, 1/30/10


Top photo of Tucson protest by Carol Grubb, photo above of Las Vegas Protest by Arlene Gawne.
 Cloud, fall 2008

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