Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BLM Assault On Wild Horses Moves To Utah Roundup in Confusion Herd Area Slated for Jan. 15

Agency Prohibits Public Comments, Provides No Documentation

With the massive Calico wild horse roundup under way, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is expanding its assault on America's wild horses to Utah. On January 15, the BLM intends to begin the roundup of 200 horses in the Confusion Herd Management Area, leaving only 70-100 horses in the 235,000-acres public land area in Utah's Confusion Mountains.
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The BLM's website invites the public to view the wild horses living in Confusion, but warns "it is unlawful to chase and/or catch them. Foals, pregnant mares and older horses are easily hurt when pursued, so please allow them to live a free and unharassed life."
Yet, in just 10 days, the BLM intends not only to harass, but to terrorize these horses, by stampeding them with helicopters into capture pens. The BLM knows that pregnant mares, young foals and older horses will be injured and/or killed, just as they have been in Calico. Please see IDA's blog, which documents the BLM's "euthanasia" by rifle of a mare, orphaning her foal and the death of a foal who collapsed during the BLM's helicopter stampede. The blog (also features a photo essay of the bittersweet story of the captured stallion Freedom, who scaled a six- foot fence and crashed through barbed wire to make his escape, forced to leave his family of eight mares and two colts behind.
Adding insult to injury, the BLM is not accepting public comments on the Confusion roundup and has provided no information to justify this wild horse capture.
This latest proposed BLM atrocity against wild horses is unnecessary and the BLM's closed-door conduct is counter to the Obama Administration's promise of transparency in government operations.
What You Can Do
1) Please click here - it will only take a minute - and send an e-mail to key Senators and Obama Administration officials! Help us stop the Confusion roundup today.
2) Protests against the Obama Administration's wild horse roundups are taking place all over the country. Demos are already scheduled for Albany, New York, New York City, Las Vegas, Denver and Boston. For more information, or if you would like to organize a rally in your area, please contact
3) Visit this website to vote in a poll on whether the federal government should be rounding up wild horses.
Thank you!

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