Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wyoming Representative “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis goes totally Postal

Straight from the Horse's Heart R.T. Fitch

Slaughterhouse Sue Walrus and her intellectually challenged sidekick Dave “Doinkette” show their Ample Asses to the world!

We couldn’t even write a script this good.  “Slaughterhouse” Sue has gone so far over the edge that she not only insults almost everyone who is anyone but she also includes DEAD people to boycott.  “DOINK”, how diffiuclt is that? The poor memory of Bea Arthur is now blackened by this mad woman as she calls upon the morons of the world to never watch reruns of the “Golden Girls” again.
No input, just straight facts as we insert this lunatic’s (in our humble opinion) full email below.  Thank God that the true insanity of the Anti-Horse people continues to show their ignorance and total lack of understanding of the issue.  The horses that they desire to kill are 10 times smarter than they are.   “DOINK”

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