Tuesday, January 19, 2010


 Hi everybody!

We are working with the Cloud Foundation to organize a rally here in the Phoenix area in the next few weeks, and we could use some help! For now, I am the contact person, but I am not able to do this alone. We will need many things. For example, see this checklist here:


Event (general description):

Media Time: 
Preparation for the Event:

  • Make signs. Use some pre-printed and others handmade.
  • Post/Distribute flyers (if desired)
  • Gather leaflets if possible.
  • Free Publicity (local newsletters,
  • calendars)
  • Telephone Hotline (outgoing message)
  • Designate Media Spokesperson
  • Write soundbites in advance
  • Write News Release
  • Issuing Release/Follow-up media calls
  • Prepare media kits to include factsheets, brochures and if available a video
  • Activate phone tree. Always ask activists to be present half an hour before the media
  • Assign tasks (someone to hold banner, lead the chants)
  • Carpools

If necessary:

  • Permit from the police for a march or for a sound system
  • Speakers (booking)
  • Legal Adviser/Observer
  • Sound System
Day of the event, don’t forget:

  • Calls to the media that morning
  • Soundbites/Chants
  • Literature to hand out
  • Signs & banners
  • Camera/Camcorder
  • Media Kits
If necessary/available:

  • Costume
  • megaphone
  • props (paint, bloody lab coats)
  • bail money (I love this one! LOL)

  • Designate people to pick up newspapers that covered the event and people to videotape TV news coverage.
  • Call print media that did not cover the event.

Several people have already stepped forward to help. We have a media person, a fliers person, and several other volunteers. Please look over this list and see if there is something you might want to do to help.

We are shooting for a Saturday, maybe January 30th from 11:00am - 1:00 pm, but this has not been decided yet. In any case, we will need to get organized soon.

PLEASE drop me a note if you can help! 




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