Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rise Up For Our American Horses! Americans Against Horse Slaughter


Dear Friends,

 Please don't miss our Press Release and message from Congressman Conyers below.

We have to strike back at the opposition and give them a taste of their own medicine!

The opposition claims that ending horse slaughter is a 'slippery slope'.  They think that after we end horse slaughter, we'll want to end the slaughter of beef and poultry.  

Now it's our turn to ask them?  If they're going to continue to slaughter our companions, what's next? Dogs and Cats? They're already doing this overseas and although this will probably never happen here, horse slaughter is not sexy and we need to find another approach to engage and outrage the general public.  Photo's are worth thousands of words...

We will be launching a series of ad slicks that will outrage companion animal lovers and get them to jump on board to help us end horse slaughter.   We ask you to please cross post our campaign elements far and wide!  Please cross-post on Facebook, blogs and all other social networking media.


Americans Against Horse Slaughter launches a new public awareness campaign inspired by pet lovers and concerned citizens from across the country.

Philadelphia , PA (Americans Against Horse Slaughter) January 11, 2010 - Americans Against Horse Slaughter was contacted by hundreds of concerned citizens, and other animal advocates after their recent discovery of American horses being slaughtered for the sole purpose of human consumption.  The meat is then shipped to foreign countries overseas to be served as a high price delicacy.

  "Are our dogs next?" says Lori Colon of Wadsworth IL .  "This is unbelievable and a disgrace! I thought horses are considered our pets, our companions!  We don't eat horse meat here!" continued Colon.

"I think the recent press about the wild horse roundups has shed light on our country's dirty little secret, horse slaughter", said Shelley Abrams, co founder of AAHS.  “The wild horse advocates and organizations that have worked for so many years to protect the wild horses have done a wonderful job of creating mass awareness to the general public through the media and that has inspired the lay person to learn more.” Abrams added.

While the wild horses are in the forefront right now due to the unconscionable round ups taking place around the country which also put them at risk for slaughter, it is important to remember that our thoroughbreds, quarter horses and all breeds of horses are currently being inhumanely slaughtered for human consumption every day.

Americans Against Horse Slaughter is calling on all animal lovers and animal advocates  to rise up against this brutal practice of horse slaughter by voicing their concerns to their Congressman and their two U.S. Senators and asking them to co-sponsor The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act; House Bill HR503 and Senate Bill S727. Chairman John Conyers, Jr. issued a statement today thanking all the members of Americans Against Horse Slaughter (AAHS) for their unwavering support of HR503, The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act.:
“The transportation and slaughter of horses for human consumption is cruel and inhumane, and I intend to continue my efforts to stop this terrible practice.  We now have 176 cosponsors to H.R. 503,and support for the bill continues to grow.  The support of Americans Against Horse Slaughter (AAHS) is critical to passage, and I appreciate and commend their efforts.”  
AAHS would like to thank Congressman Conyers Chairman of the Judiciary committee for his recognition of our efforts and assure him that we will continue to work closely with his office to pass HR503.
Americans Against Horse Slaughter is a non funded, grassroots national movement comprised of supporters of a federal ban on the slaughter and the transport to slaughter of American horses for human consumption overseas.  Americans Against Horse Slaughter has no other agenda, other than to stop the brutal slaughter of American horses.

Contact: Americans Against Horse Slaughter (americansagainsthorseslaughter.com)


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