Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am the American Wild Horse

Horseback Magazine

By Jeff Tomlinson

I am the American Wild Horse
and this is my plight,
WHO among you will join my fight?
We are rounded up
horrible, NOISY, machines
chasing us down
through crippling revine's.
Out of our homes
in the hills and MOUNTAINS
across this once great land.
No quarter given
to young, or old,
ALL are to be taken,
to be bought and sold.
We are run into canyons
worn down from the chase,
NEITHER, in this place
No time to recover
we are forced into pens
seperated and tagged
thats when the horror begins.
Now packed into metal cars,
that smell of fear and death
packed in so tight
you lose the fight
and take a final breath.
Emaciated and bloody
we are dragged out
placed into another prison
"give em some food and water" I hear the shout!
but, not much is finally given.
Days go by as we suffer and wait,
now, our fate.
Men and women arrive
in their fancy, trucks and cars
the weight we gained
hides the bones,
but, does nothing to hide the scars.
some still barely able to stand
are dragged in front,
the callous crowd's
pennies on the pound
is what they pay,
in hopes of putting us on
a plate someday.
Is this what we are worth to you?
just another way to make a buck!
Well coming straight from this horse's mouth
I think you all SUCK!
To let this happen, after all we've done!
from pulling wagon's
over the Oregon trail,
to carrying generals
on fields of battles won.
to their final place of rest
only to have some wondering,
which way is HORSE served best.
To the MANY who have already spoken;
there are still as MANY
yet to be woken.
I am the American Wild Horse
and this is my plight,
Who among you will join my fight?

let the beauty
of what you love
be what you do.

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